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Human Rights Advocacy 101 is a self-guided education/training program from All People Thriving. It’s designed to empower human rights advocates and everyday people with information and tools to create thriving communities that secure individual freedom, promote and celebrate diversity, and ensure accessibility and inclusion for all people. 


Who Is It For?

Human Rights Advocacy 101 is for everyone who wants to learn more about creating communities that safeguard human rights while promoting diversity, accessibility and inclusion for all people. It’s also specifically envisioned for use by:

  • People in the helping fields, including social workers, police officers, mental health professionals, and community advocates;
  • Elected officials and policy-makers; 
  • Voters; and 
  • Policy-analysts. 

What Sets All People Thriving’s Human Rights Advocacy 101 Training Apart?

Empowerment-Based Advocacy

We’re dedicated to helping human rights advocates learn best practices for empowerment-based human rights advocacy strategies that lift all people up – not tear others down. We support the development of “win-win” human-centered policies, laws and systems that safeguard individual freedom and advance civil and social equality and equity for all people. 

Human Centered Policy Check

We recognize that we’re not fighting against individuals or groups. Rather, we’re working to eradicate oppression in all its forms.  Our Human Centered Policy Check helps people quickly analyze policies, laws and systems to identify, end, and prevent systemic barriers and policy-based oppression. This tool can be applied to the institutions, policies, laws, systems, and concepts we engage with; It helps to ensure businesses, organizations and governments of all sizes are upholding basic human rights, recognizing basic human needs, and are accessible to and inclusive of all people.

Mission and Vision Focused

As a program of All People Thriving, Human Rights Advocacy 101’s mission is to empower individuals, advocates, voters, policy-makers, and elected officials to create communities where all people are thriving at their own unique highest and fullest potential – free from oppression. Ultimately, we envision a world where 100% of people feel the laws, policies and systems they interact with safeguard their human rights, ensure access to their basic human needs, and are fully accessible and inclusive.


All People Thriving is a platform for research, education, consulting and advocacy dedicated to empowering all people to reach their own unique highest and fullest potential. Our mission is to empower all people in the United States of America to fully thrive by utilizing the Integrity Model and Human/Person-First Lens to conduct research and analysis; providing trauma-informed, empowerment-based education and training; offering consulting services for businesses, groups, nonprofits and government agencies based on organization best practices from a variety of industries and fields; and developing, promoting and advocating for human centered policies and systems. We believe promoting individual empowerment, institutional integrity, and human centered policies, systems and laws leads to a world where all people are truly thriving.

Use of Materials

All materials that may appear here are copyright All People Thriving (unless otherwise stated), and are free for use in publications, applications and your own implementation as long as credit is provided appropriately. This is because All People Thriving believes in continued expansion of knowledge and has a true desire to help make lasting, positive change for humanity. However, materials may not be used to disparage, harm, bully or “call out” others, or to justify discrimination, exclusion, or deny for individuals their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 


Rights to Edits, Errors and Omissions

All People Thriving welcomes new information and reserves the right to edit or change materials. This is because while All People Thriving strives as much as possible to be diligent and complete in its research and theoretical perspectives, All People Thriving can: A) Learn new things; B) Be wrong; and C) Have typos. While All People Thriving strives to prevent the latter two, All People Thriving certainly hopes for the former. We provide a feedback survey for learners who receive their Certificate of Completion so that we can continuously ensure our training program meets the needs of learners.