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Welcome to Human Rights Advocacy 101

Human beings can fully thrive when the policies, systems and laws they interact with safeguard their human rights, honor their basic human needs, celebrate human diversity, and ensure accessibility and inclusion for all people. Human Rights Advocacy 101 empowers learners with information and tools to engage in human-centered, person-first, trauma-informed, empowerment-based human rights advocacy strategies on behalf of themselves and others. 

You’ve Come to the Right Place

If you’re ready to begin or enhance your human rights advocacy journey, you’ve come to the right to place! Human Rights Advocacy 101 covers six key topics for effective human rights advocacy, including:

The Role of Human Rights Advocates;
Knowledge of Human Rights:
Understanding the Cycle of Oppression;
Human Rights Advocacy Strategies;
Building a Human Rights Agenda; and
Self-Care for Human Rights Advocates.

It’s generally recommended to view the topics in that order, though learners are free to explore and revisit topics at any time. Use the navigations on each page to move to the next topic or go to the main menu. 

Learning Tools & Certificate

Each topic includes a Practice section where those interested in pursuing their human rights advocacy journey can check their baseline knowledge and get prepared for their work ahead. Templates and common links are also included the Tool Box. In addition, learners can test their skills and build their resume by completing the Knowledge Check In and receiving their Certificate of Completion online. 

Please note: Documents in the Tool Box are intended to allow for your personal editing, and may not appear as intended when viewed on a phone or smaller devices. 


Human Rights Advocacy 101 is freely accessible to learners because we believe the more people who understand human rights and human-centered policies, the better our world will be. The course is absolutely free! To pay for our costs – such as technology and staff time – we do charge an administration free for the Certificate of Completion. The Certificate Process Fee is $50.00. For business, group and organization rates, please see our group rates here. 

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